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333 gives a new life to Dola

Dola, a school-going girl lives in Maligacha, a remote village of Pabna Sadar Upazila in Pabna district. She is the younger daughter of her parents. She reads in class eight in a local High school. With the dream of reaching highest position in life she was studying well. But she was worried that she would never be able to realize her dream as a sudden curse, child marriage started to shove at the door of her dream. When Dola was just 14 her father Dulal Pramanik arranged her marriage with a CNG driver decades older than her. Hearing this news she got mentally broken and used to take sleeping pills every night.

In the meantime her father fixed the date of marriage on 19 July 2018 and started to take preparation.

Finding no way, Dola finally goes to Hasina Akter, a NGO worker and asked for help. Hasina Akter was well-informed about the services of National Helpline ‘333’. With the help of Hasina Akter, Dola called 333 and requested to stop this child marriage. Here’s the magic began. The call-answering agent of 333 forwarded this message to Head of Pabna District Administration Deputy Commissioner and Head of Pabna Sadar Upazila Administration Upazila Nirbahi Officer. The Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Pabna Sadar Upazila went to Dola’s house with police and some local representatives immediately after getting the message from 333. The marriage was stopped. Her parents committed not to arrange daughter’s marriage before she is 18 when the Upazila Nirbahi Officer informed them about the law of child marriage and its consequences.

Thus a new life was brought back to Dola. She again started to continue her study and her dream is still alive.